Retirement Community?

I guess that Brian Sabean wants to go into the nursing home business instead of general managing. Make no mistake, Omar Vizquel is a solid signing, but only for a one or two year deal and only at 2 million a year. Otherwise he's being overpaid. Take a look at the elders the Giants are projected to field next year:

C A.J. Pierzynski 28 (athough he looks like a teenager when you remember the Giants 2002 starting catcher, Benito Santiago)
1B J.T. Snow 37
2B Ray Durham 33
SS Omar Vizquel 38
3B Edgardo Alfonzo 31
LF Barry Bonds 40
CF Marquis Grissom 38
RF Michael Tucker 34

Omar is a great pickup as a cheap stopgap shortstop, but he is not a long term solution for any team, let alone a team which is already this old. It is beyond my ability to comprehend why on earth Sabean would spend $12.25 million on Vizquel when the Giants have almost no relief pitching.

Not content with making such an awful move there are reports that the Giants are courting Steve Finley. I like Steve Finley, he's a good fielder for his age and proved last year that he can still swing the bat. I have no doubt that he would be better than Grissom, however, Finley is going to turn 40 this coming March. Another 40 year old is the last thing the Giants need, although when you consider how good that forty year old is, you might think about it for about three seconds. Then you remember that there is only one Barry.

I have no doubt that as long as Barry Bonds continues to smash records, the Giants will contend. However, the Giants a timebomb ticking towards a geriatric explosion. Instead of giving his lineup some youth to offset the anicent status of most of his players Sabean continues to tempt fate. I'd be quite nervous if I was a Giants fan right now.

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