World Series DVD giveaway

The nice folks over at A & E are promoting a new line of DVDs, which feature highlights from about the last 200 years (maybe I'm exagerating a little) worth of World Series'. I was sent the one for the 1954 NY Giants vs the Cleveland Indians, which I've linked here. This features arguably the most famous defensive play of all time, "The Catch" by Willie Mays.

Their main page can be found here, and they really do have a tremendous number of these things, going all the way back to 1943.

The reason I mention all this is that I've been given 3 DVDs to give away to my faithful readers. So, we're going to have a trivia contest. There are three questions, and I'll draw randomly among those who get them all right.

  1. What is the Royals record in World Series games?

  2. In Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, what was the Win Expectancy of the Diamondbacks starting off the 9th inning?

  3. Pre-divisional play (which began in 1995), what is the 4 game sweep in the World Series that has lasted the longest, and why?

Either put these answers in the comments for this post, or send an email to me through blogger. The contest will run until the 20th of August, unless there are too few correct answers. So get cracking, and win yourself some baseball goodness.


Paul said...

I don't have answers to your questions - but I just wanted to comment on the '54 Series. Here you had a team (my hometown Indians) that finished the 154-game season with 111 wins (that's playing .721 ball), and they got swept by the Giants in the World Series. How sad is that?

adenzeno said...

Royals W L 7-7(off top of my head-no cheating- lost to Phil beat StL)-
Longest sweep- 89 Oak/SF- earthquake- again no cheating-48 yr old memory-

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